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Rotterdam • since 2014

Ready to impress

Welcome to Blow Kappers. Walk in, feel at home at let us create the most amazing, stylish and stunning haircut. You'll walk out the door feeling brand new.

our story


And we’re proud of that. BLOW Kappers has been here for many years now, in the heart of buzzing Rotterdam, and we’re not planning to go anywhere. It all started when a little English dude came to work with a sexy (black) diamond. Still standing strong. We created a place where people walk in and feel at home. Feet up, jacket off and enjoy the ride. 

We love to create an experience, not just another haircut 

We love what we do and hopefully it shows. Because being creative makes us happy, and it’s what we’re really good in. In all modesty. We’re trained by top companies and we trained other people for top companies, so yes, we know our stuff. So it’s then our job to really listen to your needs, collaborate with you and create the most amazing, beautiful, stylish, stunning piece of art. So you’ll walk out that door feeling brand new. 




We know you want it

Don’t tell us you’re not convinced yet. Just give us a call, make that appointment and let us take care of you and your hair.